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Dear Mr. Chang

So often in business mediocrity seems to be the rule. But not with Actech.

During the development stage of our product, we solicited bids on the injection molding from literally over one hundred companies. Some of these companies took over two months just to quote a ridiculous price with an even more ridiculous lead time. We were despondent, we couldn't afford either the time or the money these companies demanded and we feared our product was dead, even before it was born.

We spotted your web-site on the internet and thought we would give Actech a chance to bid on our project. We expected to wait a while before we received a quote. To our amazement we received a quote within 5 days of mailing the specs. No other company responded anywhere close to that fast.

Upon examining the quote, we found it to be by far the best price and the fastest lead time. Your price was substantially less than even mainland China could provide.

We were nervous about dealing with a company in a foreign country so we decided to let you make a prototype for us and see what kind of work you did and the timeliness of your delivery. Our prototype was delivered on time even though WE made an error in our design which should have delayed delivery significantly. And, the prototype was of such high quality that we could have sold it as the final product. Wow!

We decided to let Actech make our product and to make a long story short, Actech left no stone unturned in making me a very happy customer, everything was perfect, on time and on budget.

I'd like you to know that Actech is the most professional company of with whom I have ever dealt. If you would like to use Inventory Science Systems as a professional reference, please feel free. It's the least I can do for a company that has done so much for me.

Thank you.

John Cunradi -President
Inventory Science Systems Corporation