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Mr. Chang, President, Actech, Inc.

Years ago, around September, 1996, we thoroughly examined the Taiwan (Taipei) Business Yellow pages on-line in search of a company to assist in the development of products that we intended manufacture.

We were very impressed from the start with your web sight. We did feel at first that Actech Inc. was too big a company to handle our small projects and would be way too expensive for us to deal with. We found out that this was not the case.

Our initial investigation into your company proved to be our best decision. From the start, both Jaque and I were impressed with your friendly, direct approach and right away felt confident that things were going to be done right, the first time. Throughout the years we have found this to be the case and have always been at ease and find no trace of a communication barrier as we had been told.

Your web sight, portfolio and documentation speak for itself and capture the right attention to the specific needs in question. As we have told people whom have asked about you, there initially was more accomplished in one short month time than there has been done in 6 months with other companies.

Right from the start, Actech impressed us with their efficient, professional manner and approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. Because of its years of experience and expertise, Actech has been able to provide with us the best Services. From their state of the art systems to their helpful, knowledgeable, friendly personal contacts, our experience with Actech confirms to us that we've partnered with true leaders in the industry.

We would like to say that the quality of service offered by Actech Inc. since our first contact, and over the last 18 years has been highly impressive. Every aspect of your service has been beyond reproach and Actech has always been courteous, polite and reliable. Many, many thanks for your fast and efficient service. It is a rare occurrence these days to not only find people who have the answers but who are also willing to help. Your support has been excellent and what a godsend it is to find a company where it does not take all day to get help. We will always recommend Actech whenever we can and if you would point me in the direction of a link logo we would be more than happy to place it on our home page.

Thank you for the fast friendly service and advice you have always provided over the past 18 years that We have been dealing with you.

Ethics at Actech is not a matter of quiet consciousness. It is a matter of consistency. It is what differentiates winning companies to do the right thing every day and in every situation is fundamental to your culture. Actech has shown to always maintain the highest levels of ethical behavior.? Throughout our 18 years it has become a solid business relationship and most importantly has resulted in a strong friendship with mutual trust which is something that is not normally found in the business world today. We have not regretted our decision!

The timely way that we have received our products is exceptional and ALL shipments have been done correctly. Actech goes so far as to check on each order to make sure it comes to their customers fast with recommendations to streamline shipping methods and costs and, remarkably is very accurate and detailed when orders will be sent and arrive to their customers.

We could never duplicate any business relationship that has been established with Actech Inc., over the years and the friendship and trust that has resulted.

Sincere regards,

Mike & Jaque Radisch
M & J Enterprises